The forerunner organization GzS was a List of changes established in 2010. The list of changes was founded by Ivan Šašić, Nikola Biočanin and Marko Zirojević for the desire to actually change some things at the Faculty of Economics and improve both teaching and extracurricular student life.

February 2012

In February 2012, significantly extended membership organization got its present name of the Group for SPEKOF. From the very beginning the struggle for the rights of the students was in focus. At the Faculty of Economics was started collecting signatures for student action “Marks for Serbia,” where one of the main demands was 48 ESPB the budget. Group for SPEKOF on its first elections for the Students Parliament of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in April 2012 made a huge success. Members of this organization, headed by Ivan Sasic and Nikola Biocanin, won 15 of 23 seats and occupied most of the Student Parliament.

Through membership in the Student Parliament team Group for SPEKOF trying to in every way meet the demands of students. Some of the key initiatives and projects that have been realised are:

Journal “MonopolList” became the independent student newspaper that is not a property of any student organization. The magazine got its statute and no student organizations should not interfere in the editorial policy of the editorial board.

In October 2012 oragnizovan is a unique project in the whole Belgrade University for first year students titled “Meet EKOF”. Within this project, first-year students during the 3 days have the opportunity to learn about the study system, rules, and to meet with professors and teaching assistants from the first year and of course my colleagues.

In October 2012, in cooperation with the company “Far East” and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, has been launched and a free School of Chinese language and culture for all interested students of the Faculty of Economics, which today is attended by approximately 400 students.

In March 2013, for the first time in Zlatibor organize the Congress of students of economics – KONSEK. As a signature project, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and numerous companies, KONSEK was held and in April 2014 with the theme “Synergy of Knowledge” and in March 2015 entitled “Hidden Potential”. The quality of lectures, lecturers, workshops and panelists, as well as the satisfaction of all participants grows from year to year, which show marks on evaluations and number of prestigious companies participating in this project.

April 2011

In April 2011, The list of changes participates in the election for the Student Parlament of Faculty of Economics, after what Ivan Sasic becomes vice dean.

In addition to addressing the problem in a number of cases and the change in the concept of certain exams, one of the most important initiative that has successfully implemented is the petition for the renovation of the Park Luke Ćelovića.

This petition has been fruitful and followed by a complete reconstruction of the park in front of the Faculty of Economics.

April 2013

In April 2013, as a result of all the previous work, Group for SPEKOF, wins 23 from 23 mandates, led by Sofija Mladenovic and Tijana Vukicevic. This was the first time in the history of Students Parliament of Faculty of Economics that the absolute majority was won by a single students’ organization.

One of the most important initiatives started by Group for SPEKOF was the petition for validity of written exams in sequential examination periods. This petition was successfully carried out, and it is being implemented as of January 2014.

Besides the traditional projects “Meet EKOF” and “KONSEK”, Group for SPEKOF decided to organize a seminar called “IT Days” in December 2013. Since it was the first project at Faculty of Economics to make a connection between economics and information technology, it attracted great interest among students, so it had to be organized in the succeeding year also.

April 2014

In April 2014, the elections for the Student Parliament GzS won 21 of 23 seats, led by Tijana Vukicević and Sofia Matić.

In this year comes to the development of new projects such as: Video presentation directions, EKOF mentoring, simulation job interview “Interviewing Week” and GzS Challenge Team. Each project brings something unique for all students. In this way GZS brand is gaining even greater significance among students


Group for SPEKOF again won the elections for the Students Parliament of the Faculty of Economics wining 18 of 23 mandate. In this way, thanks to the trust that students indicate the members of the Group for SPEKOF, for five generations of these student organizations come vice dean and president of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Economics.

In addition to these projects every day we organize numerous lectures and workshops for students at the Faculty, as well as visits to successful domestic and foreign companies. Some of them are: lecture “Quantum Leap” was held by McKinsey & Company and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Nikola Čorsović lecture former Economy Minister Sasa Radulovic, Ivana Stankovic lecture on “How to and why you climb to the top?” as well as a lecture by one of the best motivational speakers of Swedish Friedrich Haren.

Then visit Fiat car plant in Kragujevac, Coca Cola Hellenic, the factory “Rubin” in Krusevac. Also, cooperation was established with the National Bank of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce where our students go to different training and organized a competition in the case studies in cooperation with Ernst & Young.

Everyday we cooperate with prestigious companies in the country and abroad, such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG, Delhaize, Societe Generale, Sberbank, Zepter International, Banca Intesa, Invej, Telenor, DDOR Novi Sad, Infostud and many other firms that can meet the student the desire for knowledge and information.

Our main task is to bring something new, unique, interesting and above all useful for students. As holders of constant change for the better our role is most seen for improvement of the quality of student life. Our goal is to create a young and capable leaders, both in our organization and outside it. We encourage people to different and creative thinking and professional development.

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