Youth Conference “Meet EKOF” is a project organized by the Group for SPEKOF in order to introduce first-year students with studying at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, with ambient and conditions that rule at the same, and also with the system and method of study in general.

The conference is planned for the first week of October. For four days, during the conference, we organized lectures, workshops, mutual bondings, and sports activities.The main aim of the project is to bring together all interested students of the first year in a joint project to acquaint them with all the rights and obligations held by the university.

Participation, except first-year students, have professors and assistants from the first year of study, as well as the organizers of the project (members of the Group for SPEKOF) who are also student representatives, and they are together with professors approaching all aspects of student life to the young colleagues.

Because of this conference students get the opportunity to approach all the subjects that will await them in the first year of undergraduate studies, meet their teachers, with whom they will have the opportunity to cooperate in the first and the later years of study.

The mission of the project is to educate first-year students on various aspects of student life at the Faculty of Economics and the University of Belgrade.

The vision of the project is to demolish the barriers of information, serving the right information at the right time and the right place, reducing the burden of existing information flows and improve awareness of future colleagues.

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